What Exactly is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Many people who read this article may be unaware that magnetic fields, electricity, and/or frequencies can be used to treat and repair the human body. However, there are a slew of devices on the market today that promise to be able to accomplish just that. Is this technology considered’standard of care’ in the treatment of disease?Learn more by visiting¬† Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Let’s try to respond and phrase the above question in a way that makes sense. The vast majority of today’s medicine is essentially one-dimensional. The reductionist pharmacological view of what causes disease and how it should be treated is central to the practise of’mainstream’ allopathic medicine. This kind of thinking has resulted in a very narrow vision of how to treat an illness. If a patented medicine or other treatment regimen does not generate billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry, it is unlikely to be pursued as a treatment. This means that some well-researched remedies are less likely to be adopted as “mainstream” treatments, owing to an inability or unwillingness to jump through all of the political and financial hoops.

As a result, this creates a paradox in the minds of certain therapeutic practitioners. Are there any therapy approaches that have been proved to work anecdotally and in preliminary trials to lead to cures? Doctors are putting themselves in danger if they try to treat patients using modalities that have been proven to work in the field for decades.

Electro-medicine, for example, and its use of Pulsed Magnetic Electrical Fields (PEMF), is one such therapy that has showed significant promise in assisting the body’s healing. Hundreds of research have demonstrated the benefits of this method, and it is irresponsible that the medical establishment has not followed it more actively. The fact that it isn’t a drug and hence not patentable is one argument, but the more obvious reason is that if you cure someone of an illness, you won’t be able to profit from their agony and suffering in the future.