Understanding the Stages of Landscape Design

If you want to transform your lawn into something lovely to enjoy throughout the summer, you’ll probably need to consider landscape design. Landscape design can transform a flat expanse of glass into a lush, curved, and complicated space that satisfies the senses. However, before you start planning how you want to landscape your yard, it’s a good idea to understand the stages that a landscaping firm will go through to help you fulfil your vision. Landscape design is divided into three stages, each of which is critical to the final output. Do you want to learn more? Visit Tulsa Landscaping

The basic layout will be the first stage of your landscape design process. This plan might be simple or complex, but it is essentially a map of what is happening in your yard right now and what will happen once the landscaping is completed. It will offer you and the landscape designer a good sense of where everything is and what has to be modified, and you will be able to see how all of the different aspects of your design interact with one another because it is drawn to scale. This is critical if you’re searching for a “thumbnail” drawing of the project.

The upgrade should be the next step. An update is essentially a more elaborate and comprehensive version of your landscaping concept. Instead of a flat diagram with squares representing bushes and circles representing flower beds, you’ll probably get a 3D perspective drawing to assist you grasp what’s going on. It will be more detailed than a simple image, and you will discover that it can be quite complex. An upgrade will most likely give you a better concept of how the landscape will fit together, as well as your first genuine glimpse at how your landscape will look.

The premium stage of landscape design will provide you with the most impressive preview of what your landscape will look like. A premium stage design will give you full colour images with an incredible amount of precision and depth, going much beyond the detail offered in the basic or upgrade categories. Everything should be laid out for approval, engineering review, and the necessary permissions, and there will be a completely stated process of what will go into the job from beginning to conclusion. You can even take a virtual tour of your new surroundings in 3D!