Pelvic Doctor – At a Glance

Pelvic Doctor is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of pain caused by the reproductive organs, specifically that of the Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). PID is caused by inflammation of the pelvis and is one of the most common reproductive health disorders in women. Pelvic pain is usually caused by an underlying symptom related to another condition. It can range from mild to severe discomfort, and it may be accompanied by fever, vomiting, blood in the urine, or other symptoms. Pelvic pain can be extremely debilitating, which is why it is very important to seek immediate medical attention if you experience it. Pelvic pain is usually associated with one of three conditions: endometriosis, cysts, or tumors. Pelvic pain is often mistaken for vaginal infections, as the location of the affected organs often leads to the mistaken conclusion. Pelvic pain can also occur during menstruation, as the uterus and ovaries are adjacent to one another. The best way to determine the exact cause of your pain is to consult a qualified and experienced pelvic doctor, so that the appropriate treatment can be administered. Check Silver Spring Pelvic Doctor.

The Pelvic Doctor will first ask you about the severity of your symptoms, which may range from mild to severe. They will then perform an ultrasound to detect the location of your abnormal bleeding, which may have different causes. From this, a detailed report will be written for your consultation. A specialist such as a pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist can help you treat your Pelvic Doctor exam and make sure that you don’t continue to suffer from your pain.

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