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Do you realise that sitting on your workplace chair for long periods of time might cause lumbar pain or worsen an existing neck or back problem? This is due to the fact that sitting in a static position causes pain in numerous places of the body, including the shoulders, back, arm, and neck. The scenario will eventually put extra pressure on your spinal discs and back. If you wish to learn more about this, visit APOL Singapore.

Long periods of sitting also cause you to slump in your chair. The spinal ligaments are stretched and the spinal discs are strained in this position. If you maintain this position on a daily basis, you will undoubtedly develop serious back and neck problems.

Employees and corporate officers who must remain sitting in their workplace chairs all day must use an ergonomically built chair. As you sit on your chair, such a chair provides maximum support to your body, particularly your back and neck, by assisting you in maintaining proper posture. Of all, you don’t just walk over to your ergonomic office chair and sit down. You’d have to make adjustments based on your body type.

Even if you are comfy on your chair, remember that sitting for long periods of time in a stack posture is bad for your back since it causes muscular tension and spinal disorders. This is why you should get out of your chair and walk or stretch for a few minutes several times throughout the day. Going to the bathroom or getting a drink is a wonderful excuse to get out of your chair and move your body around.

Walking for a few minutes helps a lot since it ensures that your blood circulates properly. Even though ergonomic office chairs are designed to alleviate back pain, getting up and moving about many times throughout the day is the most effective approach to maintain excellent posture and a healthy back.